The SANDS OF TIME Collection – Foreword


Our Country’s Garment

The Sands of Time is a pyrographic historical portrait of Australia surrounded by a sectioned blue gum hollow log.  These pyrographic portraits are of the explorers and pioneers who built this country and represent the people of this nation and is a tribute to them, Captain Cook, Joseph Banks, Burke and Wills etc

The background collages have been painstakingly researched over seven years and put together to tell the story of how and why we have come to this point in our proud history.

The periodic pieces shown – Federation, the Explorers, Prime Ministers and Governors – are culturally and historically significant, they will not be repeated.  This is a chance to secure some of that history which tells the story of our forefathers in an art form that will appeal and please for many years.

The style is that of the time they actually explored and governed the colonies before Federation.  We are honouring those Explorers, Governors and Fathers of Federation in a highly visible historical monument.

This historical journey is meant to inspire confidence and trust in our future and our ability so that we can make sensible decisions based on who we are in this world that is increasingly unsustainable ecologically, socially and economically.  Our Human Rights abuses need diligent monitoring.  And to quote Thomas Kenneally, “They flew a flag based on the Southern Cross and they raised a stockade at a place called Eureka—.  Imbued with passionate concepts of democracy and fighting for that most Australian of birthrights, the Fair Go.  The Fair Go has always been invoked in the streets, the workshops, and the Parliaments.”

This artistic endeavour represents all Nations of the world and holds a message from everyone.  In these times, the memory of our history and how it was built may be the answer in making the right decisions in a post modern world.

The Sands of Time is meant to inform, educate and appeal to our sense of duty to God and man and planet Earth so that we can live in harmony with Mother Nature.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

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