The “Sands Of Time” Collection – About

The timber for The Sands of Time project was cut at Mt. Fox near Ingham 1997.  The concept of burning the history of Australia grew from a keen interest in the history of the land.  It’s an original concept.  Each individual piece is handcrafted, and the time spent on each piece is difficult to calculate.  Perseverance and years of effort has now paid dividends in that we have a historical account of Australia using an old fashioned Australian art form, (pyrographic) that was used around the time the explorers and pioneers of our nation opened up, settled and built the colonies.

The frames surrounding the art were also being eaten out by termites at the same time as many of the historical events were taking place.  They, the frames and the pyrographic portraits (burnings), are a true representation of this period of our colonial past (1788 to 1901 – The First Fleet to Federation).  1901 to 2001, one hundred years of Australia’s nationhood – our centenary of federation.

This is Our Country’s Garment“, our people, our states, our territories, industries and achievements.

Let us celebrate these times and honour the memory of all the quiet achievers – past and present – “The Seeds of our Nation.  This artistic portrait of fine art is dedicated to and in memory of those who gave lives, toil and suffered hardships to build this great country, Australia.

Remember the past to inform the future.

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