The SANDS OF TIME Collection – 31. Fire And Time

31. Fire And Time
Impasto Acrylic Background — Dot Paintings — Opals — Red Cedar Sculpture — Blue Gum Hollow Log — 1045 x 830 mm
© Robert Morgan & Greg Cummins


Has been used by the Aboriginals of Australia for thousands of years to manage the land
and prepare their food.

In this unique way the Aboriginals have gained spirit of place.


Gazes at the Southern Cross while roaming Terra Australis Incognito.  He integrates into the landscape as an inseparable icon.  He successfully understands the difference between the white man and the way that they have treated the land.


It has taken 40,000 years for the Aboriginal consciousness to gather the practices needed to survive.  By contrast, the last two hundred years of colonisation has brought ill suited technology and farming practices.  Now we all have to suffer.

It will now take Fire in the bellies of the people to bring about the changes needed in our cultural, social, economic, ecological and evolutionary development,  if we are to move forward.

The Time it takes is now more relevant than ever.

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